Surfing in the Olympics?

The London Olympics have renewed debate amongst surfers over whether the sport should be added to the roster of games, a discussion that has been taking place since Duke Kahanamoku began the campaign in 1920. For years, this has been rendered impossible by the fact that the Olympics rely on a fair playing field, something that nature doesn't readily provide. However, new technology is being introduced that can produce reliable, consistent waves. On one hand, proponents believe that bringing surfing greats together on a global stage will finally give surfing the spotlight and attention it deserves. On the other side, some argue that surfing is special because it is based on natural elements and that attempting to move it to a controlled, mainstream environment goes against everything the sport stands for. Take a look below at renderings of wave technology that could eventually bring surf to the Olympic stage. 

A rendering by Webber Wave Pools of how the Olympic surfing arena could appear.

A graphic explaining the Webber Wave Pool technology. 

The Seagaia Ocean Dome in Japan is an example of current wave technology that could create waves at the Olympics. 


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