Inspiration: Inca Kola

Peru has another national beverage besides Chicha Morada, one which requires much less work to drink (check out our recipe for a refreshing Chicha Morada here). Inside the glass bottles of Inca Kola, you'll find an vivid yellow drink with a sweet, unique fruity flavor that many compare to bubblegum. After its creation in 1935, Inca Kola quickly became part of Peru's national identity and one of its most popular drinks. Known throughout the years as La Bebida del Perú (Peru's Drink) and "El Sabor del Perú" (The Flavor of Peru), Inca Kola is the inspiration behind our shorts of the same name. 

Glass bottles of Inca Kola, otherwise known as "The Golden Kola."

Inca Kola - "The Flavor of Peru." 

Our own Inca Kola shorts, available in 5" and 8" lengths. 

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