Books: Huellas en el Mar

Magoo De La Rosa Toro, a seven time national surfing champion, created this book to share the history of surf in Peru. Translated as Traces in the SeaHuellas en el Mar follows surfing's path - from the pioneering fisherman who first rode waves to the technologically advanced boards of today's athletes. Magoo's book is filled with inspiring images as well as a fascinating look at his own life story and how it fits into the broader scope of Peru's surf culture. 

Costa Verde

Cerro Azul, 1966

Chicama, 1967

Peru's original surfboards. Caballitos de totora were used over 2,000 years ago by fisherman to reach prime fishing spots. They were constructed of long reeds which were then tied together.  

Waikiki Beach, 1954

4 x 2000 meter race champions, 1960

Playa la Herradura, 1978

World Championship finalists in Punta Rocas, 1965

Club Waikiki, 1955 

At the Waikiki Club 

Peru's coastline and the Waikiki Surf Club in the 50s 

Surf Report